Saturday, December 18, 2010

Why Auburn will pluck the Ducks

As we all know this years National Championship Game will feature two of the most prolific offenses in recent college football history. Yes there have been a few statistically better however these two teams actually matter. When I talk to people and what I observe in the national news is that Oregon has the best offense in the country. People talk about the points they put up, the yards per game they average, and the pace at which they score. While these are all great statistics there is one key statistic that Oregon will be the second best team on the field at heading into the National Championship. Anyone know what offensive statistic that is? Well my guess is those of you that bet sports know what it is and thats Yards Per Play. Oregon averages 6.78 ypp which is currently tied for 10th in the FBS. Auburn on the other hand is 2nd in FBS at 7.50 ypp only behind Hawaii which plays a much softer schedule. This may surprise many but it means that Auburn actually has the more explosive offense. Obviously Cam Newton is the main reason for this stat but don't sleep on Dyer and McCalebb. Onterrio McCalebb is an absolute burner much like LaMichael James of Oregon. They are similar in size and McCalebb actually averages 8.6 yards per carry and 15.2 yards per catch. He doesn't touch the ball nearly as much as James but that's because Michael Dyer gets the majority of the touches. Dyer is a 5'9" 215lbs bowling ball that can punish you all game long and he plays very well against stout run defenses. He's only had 3 100+ yard games this season but 2 of them were against South Carolina and LSU, two very athletic defenses that are great against the run. He runs very well between the tackles and is powerful enough to get the tough yards when needed. He averages 5.9 yards per carry and he, mixed with Newton make the Auburn run game a nightmare for opposing defenses.

If for some reason Oregon figures out how to stop the Auburn rushing attack I doubt the Tigers will panic. The reason they won't panic is because Cam Newton is the #1 rated passer in the country. While Newton only averages 19 pass attempts per game he completes almost 13 of them. While those stats might seem somewhat human what's truly supernatural about Newton is his ability to stretch a play out and turn a sure loss into a huge gain, also known as a momentum play. That is probably his biggest attribute and the fact that he is clutch like MJ. Newton seems to get better when the situation gets tougher, and he has uncanny instincts when it comes to deciding rather to run or stretch a play to give his receivers time to get open downfield.

If that wasn't enough of a coach's nightmare this might be. Auburn's Defense is better than any defense the Ducks have played this year. No don't tell me ASU, Stanford or Cal was better because there is no D line better than that of the Auburn Tigers. The Defense that will most resemble the Tigers from the Pac-10 is Arizona State. The Tigers defense is fast, athletic, and battle tested. It's leader is DT Nick Fairley who is an absolute nightmare for opposing offenses. He is big, strong, and moves more like a DE than a 300lb tackle. He is a relentless pass rusher and pretty much can clog the interior of the line by himself. He will be the best defensive lineman Oregon has faced all year. The Tigers have great mobility at linebacker and plenty of speed in the secondary. While they have had some coverage issues at time, much like the Ducks this defense has played its best football when the pressure is on in the second half. They are a well conditioned unit that gets better as the game progresses.

With all these weapons and the resolve this team has shown all season its hard to see them losing any game especially one for the National Championship!

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