Thursday, December 16, 2010

Why we need a playoff in College Football NOW!

If you are wondering why we need a playoff in College Football (FBS) you can simply point to Basketball and March Madness. Can you imagine if we took the top two rated teams in the final RPI, gave them 5 weeks off after their last regular season game and declared the winner of that game the "National Champion". I've heard some very interesting arguments about why NOT to have a playoff and listening to Colin Cowherd on ESPN this morning just solidified how weak the argument against a playoff truly is. I say that because I think Cowherd does a great job of being contrarian and can normally take any foolish argument and make a solid point of it, he didn't do that this morning.

Yes, college football has the best regular season of any sport. Yes, there will always be something to complain about even with a playoff. Yes the teams from the SEC & Big 12 benefit the most from our current system! Just look at the teams that have had one loss and got to the Championship game.

2000-Florida State
2001-Nebraska (didn't win conference)
2007-LSU(two loss)/Ohio St

From the AQ Conferences only the Big East and PAC 10 have never sent a one loss team to the championship game. Whose been left out of the title game from the Big East & PAC 10 with an equal record to a team competing in the Championship Game:

2000-Big East-Miami (Which Beat Florida St) and Va Tech. PAC 10 Washington (which beat Miami) and Oregon State. These teams finished #2, #3, #4, & #6 in the final polls.

2001-Oregon which ended up #2 in the final regular season AP Poll was left out to a Nebraska team that got drummed in its final game by Colorado. Oregon ended up beating Colorado in the Fiesta Bowl 38-16 and Nebraska got thumped in the National Championship Game.

2003- USC which ended up winning the AP National Championship

2007-USC had 2 losses the same as LSU which beat Ohio State in the Championship Game
2008-Again USC which lost at Oregon State in September its 3rd game of the season. The PAC 10 went 5-0 in bowl games that post season.

We could go on and on about which teams and conferences get jobbed every year by the system but the point is that there are more than 2 teams in the country that deserve a shot at the Natty. Non AQ's as well. That's what basketball gives us that college football doesn't, a chance for a 5th seeded team to win the Championship, or the first round upsets, the regular season juggernaut getting dethroned by the mid major. This is why we should play it out on the field. College Football is my favorite sport, but I can't think of how much greater it would be with a playoff. I would start with a 8 team playoff, expand to 16 but never higher than 32. I would make the higher seed the home team throughout just like the NFL. I would have the Championship Game rotated annually through the 4 current BCS venues.

I'm sure there are better options that what I stated above, however I think another important factor is you need to keep the teams playing, and not give them 5 weeks off. Many times its like the first game of the season in the first half of the championship game. Turnovers, out of sync offenses, and early mental mistakes. We should get to see the teams playing at their peak instead of having to hit the restart button.

The argument will rage on but don't buy into the regular season is great because we don't have a playoff or "its a playoff every week", really, so playing inferior FBS opponents down the stretch is a playoff??? An undefeated team playing a 5-6 team is a playoff??? Really, seriously??? It's like your parents telling you to be thankful the lights are on and there is food on your plate. Yah thats great but I think we deserve a little more. The regular season is great because we are passionate about Football, we love college football. It has nothing to do with the regular season being "like a playoff". I mean its like me telling my wife that her 1978 Toyota Celica is like the Range Rover she wants. "Hey babe it has 4 wheels and gets you from point A to point B..its way better than walking...I mean its tradition right...we've drove this thing for 32 years and its fine, plus we just gave it a tune up 12 years ago and do annual maintenance". The argument about ticket sales is ridiculous as well. If some people choose not to go to the later regular season games because they want to see the playoffs, the colleges will still sell tickets to people that normally don't get a chance to go to the games. I don't think the universities are going to care about the secondary ticket market for a game or two. The NFL is a great model and has passionate fans too, and the great news is that the good teams still sell tickets late in the season, and they make a ton of revenue in the playoffs. Don't buy it fans, you deserve a playoff, the athletes deserve a playoff, we all deserve a playoff. It starts one fan at a time, if you want to make it happen you gotta be loud and let the decision makers hear your voice!!! If you like it Share It with your friends and let me hear your thoughts.

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