Saturday, November 26, 2011

Oregon will Crush OSU!

Let's Face It...Oregon is bigger, faster, stronger, and a much more complete team than the Beavers. Statistically there is no logical way for OSU to win the game but that's why we play them! This game should not be close however I thought Oregon would beat SC last week 38-17 so lets just look at the Keys to the game for The Ducks:

  1. Needs to stay at within-1 on Turnover Margin
  2. Needs to come out Focused and forget last week!
  3. Disrupt OSU timing in the passing  game
  4. Pressure Sean Mannion!
I think the only reason this game could be close is if Oregon repeats its two and a half quarter hangover as it did against SC last week. If OSU wins the turnover battle by two, limits Oregon's explosion plays, and can sustain long grinding drives against the Ducks it could be a good game. With that being said, I don't expect this game to be close and I think its over in the second quarter with Oregon winning big 55-17. 

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