Friday, December 2, 2011

Oregon vs UCLA

I'm going to break all the Taboo's of sports fans here and go ahead and say Oregon is in the Rosebowl! Yep I said it, Oregon wins big 40 points scored by halftime and cruise to a 56-14 win. All the taboo, all the bad joo joo in the world can't change what's coming today at Autzen stadium. UCLA has zero chance, game over, its a wrap, ball game, and my favorite saying "like a barber shop...NEXT".

This one will be shorter than the last (Over before halftime)...This one will be worse than the last (Ducks by 42)...Unless Hell Freezes over today Oregon will win this game. It will take an excellent game from the Bruins just to keep it close for a half. It will take a perfect game by UCLA and an awful game for the Ducks for it to be a game in the 3rd. It will take the second coming of Cam Newton, Adrian Peterson, and Troy Polamalu showing up in UCLA uniforms just before kickoff for The Bruins to win. Maybe I'm a little overboard and UCLA is athletic, however the Slick Rick's team is well...not very good and not very disciplined. They have shown some signs of life this season however considering their lackluster effort last week in their gruesome stomping by the Trojan's they were either taking the week off or are on life support. I'll go with the latter. If the former is true and UCLA does the unthinkable it would be the best "Rope-A-Dope" since Ali.

UCLA is not very good against the run or the pass and Oregon is good at both. UCLA isn't very spectacular on Offense (56th Total with 6.14 YPP-though it would be the 2nd Highest Offense Alabama would Face), and The Ducks are very good defensively(4.94 YPP), but they've had their moments (USC) too. UCLA is mediocre on Special Teams, and Oregon is Special...You see a pattern. Vegas has Oregon 4th in its Power Rankings and UCLA is...NOT!

On a serious note, UCLA's strategy is to establish the run, and then hit you with the pass. This works fine if the game's close but if they fall behind early it becomes a long day (see last weeks game vs USC). I see this strategy play right into the hands of Oregon. I do expect that UCLA will run a slew of trick plays, misdirection, and basically throw the playbook at Oregon. On the contrary, UCLA's weakness on defense is their ability to stop the run, which is Oregon's strength. I don't see how UCLA will stop Oregon's ability to run and thats why I think this game will get out of hand early. When The Ducks run the ball successfully early in the game there is not a team in America that can beat them.

Anyway, join me next week as we start talking Rose Bowl and breaking down the either Michigan State or Wisconsin...My guess is Wisconsin.

Thanks for Reading.

The Fan

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