Sunday, October 19, 2014

Oregon Coaches Respond, ESPN Love Affair?

(Oregon Fans) Ring Ring
(Oregon Coaches)You Rang?
(Fans) Oh, I didn't know anyone was here.
(Coaches)Yep, been here all day...
(Fans) Oh, okay I didn't expect you to answer
(Coaches) Well I did, you have a question?
(Fans) Uhhhh Nope
(Coaches) Okay gotta get back to work. Bye.

What was the question again? "Oregon Coaches Need to Earn Their Pay" more of a statement but also a question and the quick answer is Yes.

I'm not sure how these coaches have made such a dramatic turnaround in a few short weeks but this is Oregon Football being played. Fast, Disciplined, Physical, Mentally Tough, and Unpredictable. You could say the swagger is back and that the coaches indeed answered the bell and are "Earning Their Pay". The fans asked for better coaching and the coaches delivered. I'm sure the coaches are delivering for their team, each other, and the process they've committed to before considering the fans however that's just how it is. Fans have voices but no accountability and coaches have to be politically correct, take the criticism, and are bigger people than to say "I told you so" but I would consider the recent play of the Ducks as the unspoken "I told you so" from the coaches. This is why Chip Kelly said "Praise and Blame is all the same" because when you pick up one side of the stick you pick up both ends and the origin of the comments come from the same place whether critical or supportive. It's all part of the job.

So my hats off to the coaches for such a quick turnaround. If Scott Frost is calling plays (which I am skeptical of) he's done a masterful job. Whatever adjustments Don Pellum changed is working well, and Coach Helfrich has shown he and his staff have the leadership and moxie to make a championship run. I'm not convinced that Helfrich isn't calling plays now because of how different the offense is from a offensive play calling perspective from the first five games of the season to the last two. Maybe Jake Fisher is just that good but I think there is more to it. I guess we will wait and see but either way the coaches deserve some major credit for the on field improvements. They are in fact Winning The Day.

Now Is History Repeating itself? Is this the greatest love story of our time? A picture is worth a thousand words so what words come to mind when you see this?

Just as Oregon has gotten its swagger back so has the SEC West at least in the eyes of the national media. ESPN and its panel of "experts" are already anointing the SEC West as the greatest, most dominant teams in the history of college football to play in the same conference the same year. Now I might be embellishing a little but these "experts" mind you are the same people last season that thought Oklahoma shouldn't even show up to the Sugar Bowl against mighty Bama, and that because Auburn beat Bama it had a shot to beat FSU especially because they were the Champions of the unbeatable SEC. The two loss Big 12 team beat Bama by 14 going away and FSU spotted Auburn a couple TD's so it wouldn't be a blowout. That's right the mighty SEC lost two BCS games last year, the only conference to accomplish that feat in the 2013 season and maybe they'll be the only conference to lose two playoff games this season.

Now I get it, the SEC has won 7 of the last 9 championships and dominated the BCS era in general. Hats off to them for that but I think if you peel the layers off you could make compelling arguments for several teams that would have loved to have been given a seat in the championship game each year like UCLA in 1998, Washington and Oregon State in 2000, Oregon in 2001, 2011, 2012, USC in 2006, TCU in 2010, Michigan State last year, and lets not forget these are just a few that I can remember off the top of my head...You see the point. There are always other good teams and the truth is we really don't know how it would play out on the field until...the games are actually played out on the field (harnessing my inner Austin Powers "Richie Cunningham"). Once you get that the rankings which are subjective decide that the SEC has Five Top 10 teams every year then you can realize if we looked at other conferences with the same favor the media looked at the SEC those conferences would have a better chance of getting into the National Championship Game annually thus increasing the chances of winning more National Titles. Now that was very true with the BCS era and maybe the playoff will level the playing field a little however if the SEC gets two teams in every year their odds (guerrilla math) increase by double giving it a significant advantage over the other conferences.

I guess we will wait and see how the season plays out but my guess is that if the SEC West has a one loss non-league champion it will have two teams in the inaugural College Football Playoff. It will infuriate most outside of SEC country but to me it'll be a blessing in disguise. Why? Because I also think that there won't be an SEC team in the Championship Game so that means I do think history will repeat itself...Repeat? I mean two SEC teams will lose big post season games just like 2013. Truth is two seasons in a row probably won't be enough to change the bias completely but it'll be a start to the end of the "Greatest Love Affair" in modern day college football...

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