Sunday, November 16, 2014

CFB Week 12 Review: The Journey Begins

Oregon State beat ASU and restored some respect for the
PAC-12 North
Where are we going you ask? Who cares about that I have a question for you...What gets better with age, is high in drama, loves you one minute then hates you the next, takes you on an emotional roller coaster weekly, and just when you think you've got it figured out you realize you don't know it at all? Answer: College Football of Course...The destination is the CFP which we are now three weeks away from finding out who's in and who's out which makes what we learn more important with each passing weekend, so lets get started...

We learned that Bama is again the class of the SEC and 3-loss Auburn proved they are not and never were as did Mississippi State, the Bulldogs haven't had much adversity this season however not only did they lose but so did all three of their earlier "Top 10" wins which really makes you look at them and wonder... Melvin Gordon punched his ticket to the Big Apple but he'll most likely need help from some PAC-12 teams if he's going to win the Heisman...Wisconsin should be called Running Back U... TCU got punched in the mouth early but managed to knock out lowly Kansas in a game much closer than anyone expected... Ohio State is starting to look dominant again but has only one quality win...The B1G Championship Game is looking more appealing by the week... Apparently FSU has really deep credit line with the CFB gods that won't be coming due this regular season... Arizona Wildcats are cruising through their nine lives at a fairly rapid pace...Boise State is still the best in the Mountain West... Arkansas showed they can play a full game...LSU can too, just every third week... Notre Dame is exactly what most of us thought they were...overrated... Miami is almost ready for the limelight...almost...Utah is more Stanford than Stanford...Oregon State saved some face for the ailing PAC-12 North by way of bringing Sparky back to reality on a cold night in Corvallis, The Huskies almost did too...almost...Indiana is submitting paperwork to join the SEC East for Football...well if they haven't they should considering they are 1-0 against the SEC East by beating Division Leading Missouri and 0-6 in the B1G...

Maybe this is the way its supposed to be. It treats us well one minute then torments us the next, loves us then hates us, but in the end it gives us exactly what we want, what we need, and what we asked for...sounds more like a relationship than college football but either way make sure and enjoy the ride because we never know what next weekend will bring.

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