Thursday, November 20, 2014

Upset Alert: Predictions College Football Week 13

FSU gets the week off from upset alert which should make Noles fans nervous...

Well another weekend of games and doesn't look to be too many upsets out there which usually means there will be some really good action and one or two huge upsets...I'm having a hard time seeing those big upsets so I'll take a stab at few in my last picks...

Duke d UNC - Duke rebounds to beat UNC in football...will do the same in hoops
Neb d Minn - Huskers get going early and beat up Golden Gophers
Miss St d Vandy - If they don't win this game...forget it...No Chance of losing
Ohio St d Indiana - Starters will play 2 quarters max
FSU d BC - I almost picked this as the upset of the season but I just don't think anyone in the ACC can beat FSU on their home turf
Wisky d Iowa - Possible trap game for Wisky...
Boise St d Wyoming - Another possible trap game but Boise St in a battle
Baylor d Ok State ... padding stats here
Oregon d Colorado - closer than the experts think but Ducks too much on senior day for Buffs
ND d Louisville - Luck of the Irish comes into play (Gardner Out) before game and ND gets some game changing turnover or call in their favor
Utah d Arizona - Utes too much at home and their defense is just nasty
Washington d Oregon State - Huskies Defense the difference
UCLA d USC - Bruins are battle tested but Trojans take them to the wire

K-State d WVA - Steady Cats narrowly escape Morgantown
Virginia d Miami - Canes let down after emotional loss to FSU
Missouri d Tennessee - Missouri continues to make the B1G look good
Cal d Stanford - Cal's Defense is better than Stanford's Offense which isn't saying much on either side..
Arkansas d Ole Miss- This really shouldn't be that close but Arkansas can't do it two weeks in a row...or can they...I think they will and people will start wanting to rank Arkansas in the Top 25
Washington State d ASU - Probably a shocker to most but WSU's strength plays right at ASU's weakness giving Devils fit at home...

Last Week

Last Week 9-6
Favorites 5-3
Underdogs 4-3

Best Picks - Oregon State and Arkansas
Worst Picks - Miss State and Auburn

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